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Welcome to The Michael Roberts / Jonathan Andrew Saraiva Foundation for Fishing Safety

The commercial fishing industry’s fatality rate is nearly 30 times higher than the national average. Fishermen die from opioid poisoning at 4 times the rate of people working in other industries in the same communities. The commercial fishing community is WORTHY of our fight to make it safer. SEAWORTHY is a non-profit charitable corporation dedicated to promoting safety within the industry by working with vessel owners and management, vessel captains and crews, regulatory agencies, and our elected officials.

Our Noble Fishermen AND Women are WORTHY of:

safe vessels

Being provided safe vessels and being guaranteed safe working conditions and an environment that always puts safety first. Including mandatory periodic stability testing.

Captain and crew

Vessel captains, fellow crew members and vessel owners who are educated on safe working practices and devoted to creating a positive safety culture.


Consistent, effective safety training and state-of-the-art safety equipment. Mandatory minimum equipment standards.

Transparent communications

Transparent communications from vessel captains and owners.

Elected officials

Elected officials who fully understand the dangers of commercial fishing and who are willing to use their influence to enact and enforce industry-wide safety improvements.

regulatory agencies

Regulatory agencies that fully comprehend the safety deficiencies in the commercial fishing industry, embrace the challenge of their missions and ensure that unsafe conditions and practices are detected, investigated and remedied.

seaworthy is dedicated

SEAWORTHY is dedicated to promoting safety within the industry by working with vessel owners and management, vessel captains and crews and organizations that provide education to the industry on safe working practices and conditions.  This includes not only the conditions and equipment necessary to ensure the safety of the navigational and harvesting aspects of the job, but also safe working practices for all of a fisherman’s work duties, including lifting, product preparation, equipment maintenance, occupational exposures and repetitive tasks and stresses.

our vision

SEAWORTHY will focus on the newest and most advanced safety equipment, technology, and safety practices and bring them to the attention of the industry’s various stakeholders. SEAWORTHY will help promote education in safety and survival training along with other related topics. SEAWORTHY will also help the industry solve its opioid epidemic by educating stakeholders on this problem, working with them to identify and implement solutions, and working with support services to assist our fishermen/women. On all of these issues, SEAWORTHY is dedicated to providing education to and fostering a positive relationship among our elected officials, regulatory agencies, vessel owners, and their insurers to improve all aspects of vessel safety and the commercial fishing workplace.

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