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The Michael Roberts Jonathan Saraiva Foundation for Fishing Safety, Inc

Mike Roberts

Jon Saraiva

Mike Roberts and Jon Saraiva were dedicated lifelong fishermen. They were passionate about the sea and proud of their vocation. They were crewmates on the same fishing vessel, hailing out of New Bedford. In December 2017, they went to work on that vessel, did their gear work, and set out for the fishing grounds of the North Atlantic. 

Like so many before them, they never came home. The vessel capsized and sank a few days into the trip, with Mike and Jon trapped inside. 

Tammy Roberts, Mike’s widow, and Phil Saraiva, Jon’s father with their attorney, Mike Flynn of the firm Flynn|Wirkus|Young, resolved to inspire positive change out of their unspeakable tragedy. 

This motivation led to the formation of Seaworthy: The Michael Roberts/Jonathan Saraiva Foundation for Fishing Safety, Inc. Dedicated to Mike and Jon’s legacies, Seaworthy’s mission is to educate and work with regulators, elected officials, vessel owners, and captains to improve the lives of commercial fishermen through safety and workplace improvements.  

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