Processing the Death of a Fisherman w/ POCF & Widow Tammy Roberts of the Seaworthy Foundation


We think about it every time our fisherman leaves but isn’t discussed because it’s too hard to bear. Tammy Roberts lost her fisherman at sea six years ago, and she shares her experience with grief, how she found support, and the incredible work she’s doing with the Seaworthy Foundation to make sure all vessels are safe for fishermen. Join us for this emotional interview that puts into perspective the love of a fisherman’s wife and the resiliance that comes from the ultimate sacrifice. To learn more, visit, or contact Tammy at @tmroberts428 on Instagram or email Mike Flynn at  EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR POCFS! Private Forum: If you want to connect further with others in our community, I’d love for you to join us in the private forum! The forum is a safe space for us to chat with POCFs all over the world to share our thoughts and feelings without judgment. If it feels aligned for you, click here to join the private forum!

Listen Here

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